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Whether there’s an angel or demon on your shoulder, there’s a story for everyone in the Horns And Halos collection.

Dive into a forbidden romance with a ghoul, train a hellhound, or get caught by a fallen angel. You’ll find a bit of everything in this limited edition anthology.

The Horns and Halos collection includes:

  • Team Building For Friendly Hellhounds (Obscure Academy) by Laura Greenwood

  • Lucifer, CEO (a tale from the Mel Goes To Hell series) by Demelza Carlton

  • The Monster's Gift (Prequel to The Monster's Bargain) by Zoey Indiana writing as Zella Payne

  • Angel's Scripture (Hidden Codex Series) by Taya Rune

  • Her Naked Harem by Mia Harlan & Angie Cottingham

  • Infernal Mates (Kissed By Brimstone) by Leigh Kelsey

  • The Fall Before (New Haven City) by Indigo Leigh

  • Hellishly Wicked (Wicked Ways Alternates) by Audrey Brice

  • Darkest Before The Dawn (Things That Go Bump) by Melanie Gilbert

  • The Case Of The Puppy Academy (Samantha Rain Mysteries) by Arizona Tape

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