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It’s time to decide who has the Right to Rule.


Prince Harlonngraith, and his estranged half brother Prince Tommofey, followed the advice of the Seer and found their Champions. They stand ready to enter the Arena and begin a battle to the death for the Right to Rule the nation of Segarris. The stakes are deadly: the Prince of the vanquished Champion earns immediate death at the hand of his brother.


Betrayals are exposed and alliances will shift as conniving queens and their chosen offspring face the Seer, Kahlahnni, returned, her full powers restored. Lahnni will do what is right for her nation, even if it means sacrificing her child. Can the queens say the same, or is their need for revenge all consuming?


Which prince will get his happily ever after, and who will die?


A steamy fantasy romance.

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