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The illegitimate son of a cast-off queen, Tommofey, has a score to settle. 


Raised to believe he is the rightful heir to the throne of Segarris, Tommofey must now embark on his personal journey to find a champion who will represent him when it comes time to challenge his half-brother, Harlonngraith, for the right to rule. He has been given a single clue from a suspect source—the supposed Seer of the Pomaikka—on where to begin his search. Should he take the risk and follow the word of someone who has been labelled a traitor?


Aviva worships her brother and is thrilled when she is reunited with him as he returns from the latest skirmishes upon the Islands of Lobbregath, but her joy is short lived when a stranger arrives and demands to see the most skilled swordsman in the area. He promises riches beyond imagining for the right person. Aviva instantly dislikes him, but the money he offers would be enough for her and her brother to buy the small family farm they have always dreamed of owning. Is what this stranger promises too good to be true?


One wrong choice and the ending could be fatal for everyone.


A steamy enemies to lovers fantasy romance.

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