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Who is behind the assassinations

and what is their end game?

The death of his mother is the final straw and Prince Tommofey is out for revenge. All things point to his brother, King Harlonngraith, but Tom is conflicted. The more time he spends in the King and Queen's company the less he hates them. Is he in denial of the truth or is there more to uncover behind what seems like the ultimate betrayal?

Queen Samarra, Soul Sleeper of Segarris, feels guilty. Could she have done more to prevent the death of her family members? She is beginning to feel that she has made a grave error in coming to this land and believing she could make a difference. If only her dreams could reveal her future.

King Harlonngraith is desperate. When he won the crown he believed things were supposed to get better, not worse. He mourns the loss of his mother and no one can tell him why the assassins were sent. Determined to uncover the traitor who let the assassins in, he loses sight of the things that matter. Will it be too late to recover when the truth is finally revealed?

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